Xmas tale

No matter how chilly the morning was, Moosy and Algie felt excited about meeting around the frozen lake. Some lo-fat grass to allay from heavy dinners, lots of fresh-to-share gossip and wishes –granted by Santa, only to good girls like them – to be shown.

Christmas tale

Moosy complained beside the Tree – filled with Tiffany Blue boxes the night before – about boredom, the yearly empty conversations around bordeaux. Algie nodded in agreement, surreptitiously stretching her neck – as only Africans seemed able to – so her necklace dwarfed her friend’s ear-goodie. Suddenly, a clear voice from the sky interrupted the show-off-the-gift contest, “Oh my god…   – cried Moosy again, pathetically trying to be back on the spotlight – His scarcity prophecies are worse than BBCsmas Specials!” 


Angie didn’t shut, to introduce a newcomer to the forest instead “Stop the chit chat! Spot up the hill!” Silence took over, the ladies shut, instantly dazzled. Never seen anything of comparable delicacy, enchanting beauty, those pearls… Turned all their goodies pale, grayed away as plastic fantastic bargains. 


So Pearly took the chance, came down and explained the reason why her astonishing presence was up for, in that particular middle of nowhere  

No long ago, nothing seemed to fit. An overwhelming lack of meaning surrounded me.  I run into Fred – The Pelican, whose beak protected a note and this crown. Written was a Soulmates’ story, between whom the distance of time grew, across a wide ocean. Millions of tears dropped in both sides ended up crystallizing in sand grains. Threats, bumps from the harsh life in the shore made these initially faint, ordinary motes grow strengthened, with charming nacre. The tougher the wave, the thicker the shelter; the colder the foam, the brighter the bubble. Days, months and years gone by, changing saltiness provided distinct shades for these, otherwise, equal hearts.

The itching question remained. Is it worth? It made no sense to his eyes to keep on with the struggle, regardless of this exultant charm that came in return. So, by twisting a branch of gold that would never break but forever stay, he tied them, with a hope in mind: Beauty, to be louder than words, stronger than circumstances, to make minds realize that hearts could be right, to draw soulmates across this never ending sea, back together, to the small sunny island. As it had always been, as it should be… Just in time before it was, too late.”

Princess Pearly apologized and left: Her gauntlet could no longer be on hold! Just before, she offered the greatest present in the humble shape of words “Next time, I’d love to hear about your errands.”

Christmas tale

Silence took over, the inner questioning about motivation stabbed hearts, distressingly encountering nothing. The girls realized that it was more a personal rather than a matter of context: Christmas was not the wand to turn people repetitiously vain, but bare minds to have the respective impact on the season… 

By the way, how was your dinner?

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