Hedi Slimane took to the streets of London and spent four days shooting and street-casting. Nicola Formichetti helped out with styling the shoot:

“Hedi is inspirational to work with. The whole project was so much fun!  The shoot was 4 days long and we’d go out every night searching for kids to shoot the next day. We are both so happy with the final edit! The aim was to create a definitive record of London youth right now through Hedi’s timeless style.”

“Every model has their own story with this shoot. There were kids that we had our eyes on in the earliest stages of research and there were kids that we approached having a coffee on brick lane. We found people at gigs, in clubs, everywhere. for the week of the shoot we basically went anywhere we thought we would find amazing characters and then shot them the next morning.”

The final edit of the shoot can be seen in the January issue of Dazed & Confused which hits the news stands next week. Meanwhile, go to Dazed Digital for more of the amazing photos of British youth.

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