Reijmyre Glassworks new launch Senses is a concept where each glass is named by the character of the wine and designed to best enhance the experience of it. The diamond shape of the glass facilitates the “swirl” that oxygenates the wine and releases its bouquet. Together with wine expert Sverker Magnusson the designer Lina Öhlund has undertaken a systematic and thorough testing procedure in order to find the best shape for each glass. During their work they have also grouped the wines, aiming to create a system that serves a full range of wines with as few glasses as possible. For example is the glass used for a young wine also suitable for sweet dessert wines. The idea of the concept is to offer a simple system, but an advanced tasting experience.

The range consists of six glasses: Sparkling, Young, Mature, Full-Bodied, Complex and Pure Reijmyre Glassworks was establisehed in 1810. Great importance is attached to design, aesthetics and function, as well as the maintanance of the unique tradition of handcraft. All glass that Reijmyre produce today is handmade with old techniques that require great skill and experience. Today the selection is further complemented – with new, modern series of glassware developed by Sweden’s most talented young designers.

Lina Öhlund is educated at Konstfack College of arts and crafts. In her work as an industrial designer she has specialized in concept development and design related to food. -”Designing an experience is to me the ultimate form of design. In gastronomy function and sensuality meet. Feeling, taste, scent and sight interact to create a total experience. I hope “Senses” will inspire to many of those moments”  she comments on the range. Previously Lina Öhlund has worked with design, brand- and concept development for international clients such as Tafelstern and Iittala.


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