Gabrielle ammann // designer´s gallery is pleased to announce their first solo exhibition with the designer and cultural nomad Satyendra Pakhalé under the title ‘OriginS’. This very first show in Germany will run from November 21st 2008 to February 20th 2009.

Having grown up in the heart of India, trained in India and Switzerland and worked internationally over the last decade, Satyendra Pakhalé carved a unique position in the international design arena. He skilfully evolved a humanistic design language by blending age-old materials and techniques from his native India with state-of the-art technology and materials.

True to his origin, he says “originality comes from origin” and continues to work on a wide range of projects in the field of Industrial Design. He is acutely aware of the lack of sensorial quality in industrial design, as tactility is often missing in mass-produced design, which has become divorced from the senses and has thus lost its cultural and symbolic meaning. By going back to basics and working with materials and techniques, he aims to harness this absent quality to modern technological objects.

Satyendra Pakhalé divides his time between India and Europe. He still spends extended time in the heart of India working with age-old artisans, secret skills and sensibilities. Along with his increasing international workload with high-tech companies, this has given Satyendra Pakhalé a new view on the relationship between the industrial, the hand-made and the serially produced. Indeed Satyendra Pakhalé’s creations seem to physically connect the past and the present, acting as conduits of skill, wisdom and emotion that continue to insure a rich and useful design vocabulary for the future.

Since 2006, Pakhalé is director of the master studies programme Design for Humanity and Sustainable Living at the design Academy in Eindhoven.

The exhibition will show the complete “Bell Metal collection“ (objects made of bronze, metal sheet, and copper alloy), the amazing “Flower Offering Chairs“ made of ceramic, as well as the movable “Alu Rocking Chairs“ (aluminium) and – for the first time worldwide- the “Birdchaise“ made of natural stone.

All objects are exclusively produced for gabrielle ammann // designer´s gallery.


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