The idea behind Viidrio shirt designs is to practice other options aside from screen-printing. Initially when they knew they wanted to use an aluminum tin, they were thinking about having the containers printed by packaging manufacturer. But that option would have contradicted the concept behind Viidrio.

The shirt designs have embroidery-art, and Viidrio wanted the packaging to have a cohesive design and theme. Packaging to Viidrio has a big impact on how you perceive a product at the beginning, and at the end of its use. Packaging becomes part of the product, and is a form of presentation. But it must be done correctly, the same way someone can plate a meal attractively, for one to be excited about what they are just about to eat.

The top of the tin has an embroidered design that foreshadows the design that is in the shirt. The recycled paper band that is wrapper around the tin (that contains additional graphics and product identity) is sewn together at the ends. The band around the tin is also affixed with clear stickers for easy removal.

The materials of the Viidrio shirts are 100% cotton threads, aluminum tin, 100% recycled printed matter and aluminum foil tape.

The other main concerned about packaging is the waste it produces. With this particular shirt packaging, the paper used for the band is 100% recycled paper from grocery bags (therefore making a 3rd cycle of use). After removing the band (if the consumer wishes) the tin can be reused to store any small non-perishable item. Example: jewelry, loose change, keys, paper clips, etc. If you ultimately don’t want the container, you can always take it to a recycling center. Last, but not least, you can return 5 undamaged containers to Viidrio. In exchange of a free t-shirt of your choice.


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