Following their first trip to Greenland in July 2008, with a dinner cooked by the two-star chef Sylvestre Wahid on an iceberg floating on Sermilik fjord, the House of G.H. MUMM and adventurer Mike Horn will be dining in Antarctica courtesy of Gérard Boyer, holder of three Michelin stars. These first two dinners are part of a total of 7 being held to celebrate the world’s beauty.
104 years ago, Commandant Charcot became the first Frenchman to cross Antarctica. Today, just 100 years after his second expedition, extreme adventurer Mike Horn and the House of G.H. MUMM will retrace Charcot’s precise route in Charcot Bay in the north of the Antarctic peninsula – an exceptional place for both its history and wild beauty  to celebrate the world’s beauty, at a time when the great white continent is increasingly threatened.

The House of G.H. MUMM decided to be one of the main sponsors of the Pangaea expedition, led by South African adventurer Mike Horn, dubbed the “Charcot of modern times”. In associating itself with a two-hundred year old champagne house, the expedition’s main mission is to encourage respect for the environment and active participation in the preservation of natural species.
Launched in Monaco in May 2008, this is sure to be one of Mike Horn’s most epic adventures. The South African will spend nearly four years visiting some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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