FunFam – short for Fun In The Family – is a new style Japanese tableware brand for kids that mixes Japanese aesthetics with Western lifestyle trends. Designed with bamboo, it takes a unique approach to the concept of ‘fun in the family’.

With many parents now spending less time having dinner with their children, FunFam’s tableware range promotes opportunities for the whole family to share meal times together. A decade of research by CASA (The National Centre on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, New York) shows that the more often kids eat dinner with their families, the less likely they are to smoke, drink or use drugs.

Inspired by mixed cultural influences, the tableware combines Western culinary culture with Japanese craftsmanship. The all hand made product lets kids discover the Western world of food by feeling the craftsmanship handed down in Japan over 1000 years. The Japanese way of life is integrally tied to the use of bamboo as one of the country’s main materials. For example, Japan’s oldest tale is titled ‘Kaguya Hime – Princess from Bamboo Trees’.

The key piece in the range is the Table Manners Set that invites children to appreciate the wealth of gastronomic tastes in the world. It sets out to help anyone (the world over) who has ever struggled to distinguish between the salad fork and the dessert fork. Knowing which fork, spoon or knife to use with which part of a full course meal can be a trial for even the most willing of learners. The Table Manners Set makes this less of a trial, and more of a fun, family-centered learning experience. The set includes nine different utensils, a plate, and a board to set all the utensils on. The board makes it easy for children to figure out what goes where with the pictures sketched underneath each utensil-shaped indentation. Learning about table manners is now a piece of cake (or bamboo!).

This is a post by David Report contributor Kristina Dryza.


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