Iconic British brand Fred Perry announces the opening of its first Laurel store in Moscow, on 19/1 Petrovka street.

“Each Fred Perry Laurel store is marked with individual design, based on the spirit of the city, where  it’s been opened, its culture and history. In Moscow we open on one of the oldest streets, surrounded by buildings from different epochs: from XVII century brick chambers to Soviet  modernism of the 1920s. Here, we merge the versatile influence of those epochs with the Russian aspiration to change and the modernist spirit of Fred Perry». – John Flynn, Managing Director, Fred Perry

Fred  Perry  Laurel  stores  are  created  by  unique  projects,  inspired  by  each  city’s  atmosphere  and  the  brand’s aesthetics.  For the Moscow store, Styleoperators LTD, the Managing Company and Exclusive Fred Perry Partner in Russia  invited  a  Japanese  studio  Wonderwall,  one  of  the  leading  specialists  in  concept  stores  design  creation.

“After  studying  the  visual  environment  that  surrounds  the  Muscovites  and  the  way  the  national  history  is  reflected in  it,  Wonderwall  presented  a  design  comprising  two  contrasting  spaces  –  “an  official  hall” with  a  red  carpet  strip and a “secret” room: a parlour, replete with vintage furniture and carpets.

Born  out  of  a  specific  place,  this  store  is  about  the  rejuvenation  of  the  unseen  past.  Imagining  a  salon  where intellectuals  may  have  met  in  secret,  the  interior  reflects  contrasts  of  the  past  and  the  contemporary.  The  past  and the future: Russia, England, and Japan. The key was the synchronization of these three cultures.”  – Masamichi Katayama, Designer and Founder|Principal,  Wonderwall Inc.