Designlitics. Meaning to apply design thinking in its genesis to questions of organization, identity, culture and content, in order to help defining possible strategies, from the conceptual to the objective, of addressing the full potential of our contemporaneity.

In short – to be aware of the political dimension of design, and assume it as a content producer, and consequently as a culture producer as well. By doing so, the focus will be drawn from the product in favor of its premises and impact it will generate when produced.

This way designers conquer to themselves the right to intervene on the very basis of the pyramid – together with others on the level of decision making, and actively contribute to a sustainable production and consequently be of help towards a sustainable consumption.

Designers will then be able to expand their field of action beyond form givers, to become active participants on the definition, analysis and implementation of a new business opportunity – either it being a new product, service or urban strategy.

Designlitics is the tool for being sustainable in the design business. It will assure awareness about the eventual impact of a product through efforts of analytical anticipation.

Being sustainability above all a political issue, if designers really want to have a word on it, there is hardly any other way.

This is a post by the David Report contributor Gonçalo Prudencio.


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