Chambertronica 2008 from Olle Corneer on Vimeo.

Next week will be the premiere for Chambetronica and it will take place in the newly built hi-tech concert hall of Uppsala, north of Stockholm.

Chambetronica is an equal mix between contemporary chamber music and electronica. Two musical cultures that have not often met before. Three of the most experienced and established musicians within the electronica scene meet three of the most skillful and respected instrumentalists. What happens when musicians that practice on their instruments every day meet the ones that compose by moving squares on the computer screen? When musical instruments that have been developed through hundreds of years, through classicism, modernism and avant garde, meet the new digital instruments that change by the week, change by every software update? When musicians with years of school and training meet the producers of electronica that never been to school at all (mainly because there are no music schools for electronica)? Chambertronica forces these two worlds to meet, musically and in the compositions. The result is something completely new and unexpected, music without limitations.

Chambertroncia live is chamber music on a techno club. Unknown musical worlds and strong visual impressions, traditional instruments, electronics and VJs. Maybe it’s a star of a new musical genre?


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