On 8-9 November 2008 Designers’ Saturday took place in Langenthal, Switzerland for the twelfth time. Aiming to provide an inspiration for top performance, Aqua Creations in collaboration with its Swiss distributor Sphinx Lichttechnik, chose to exhibit at Creation Baumann’s warehouse.

Having the designs return to their place of origin– the factory– or as Le Corbusier envisioned “the birthplace of cultural renewal”, an extraordinary and magnificent event took form. Given the dramatic, unconventional, and challenging exhibition space of an entryway and two 1.8 meters/ 5.9″ wide, 40 meters / 131.23″ long, and 25 meters/ 82″ high aisles, Aqua Creations and renowned designer Michael Azulay were prompted to create a total environment that included movement, sound, and light, thus providing visitors with an unforgettable visit alluding to a deep sea dive.

The music, the movement, and the rich display of timeless Aqua favorites installed in the darkened corridors provided a view of the splendor, exoticism and delicate craftsmanship which stand at the core of Ayala Serfaty’s designs.

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