If you can’t first hand experience the array of novel and ingenious Japanese products on display at NY Felissimo Design House, you can still ‘see’ them online here. This high design showcase is part of Japan C, an 11-week celebration of contemporary Japanese design and culture.

Over 70 Japanese designers and firms have come together to present in NYC the products that are currently captivating the Japanese audience. A comprehensive introduction on ‘things Japan’ – there is not only a substantial product showcase – but also events featuring talks and exhibitions by relevant designers and experts. Events range from a Sanyo Eneloop demonstration to kamishibai ‘paper theatre’ storytelling to a seminar with Naomi Moriyama, author of ‘Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat’.

Free and open to the public until November 1, Japan C will showcase new objects in the areas of home and fashion accessories, food, stationery, beauty and pop culture. Each week will focus on a different category, with designers and industry leaders on hand to demonstrate the products and discuss the influence and innovation of products coming out of Japan. Themes include: ‘The Smart Japanese Kitchen’, ‘Secrets of Japanese Beauty’ and ‘Notes from Japan: The New Stationery’.

For the last year and a half, the team at Felissimo reviewed products and hand-selected designers and companies that represented the ‘best of the best’ in Japanese product design. Conceptual designer Tobias Wong and design consultant Josée Lepage were also enlisted to the team.

The collection is certainly diverse with robots next to fine stationery, and animé characters next to high-tech rice cookers. As Felissimo Director Haruko Smith said, “Japan is going through an interesting time. Designers have come out from the shadow of western influence and are starting to create something totally new from the fusion of both cultures, and they are having fun with it. But there is also a sense of craftsmanship that doesn’t exist in most mass-produced products elsewhere.”

Felissimo’s beautiful turn-of-the-century townhouse is located at 10 W. 56th Street. And as they say, the house offers “inspiration, experience, opportunity, and encounters for those who are in pursuit of happiness and harmony through design.” It is also home to the online community, DESIGN 21: Social Design Network – a project devoted to promoting and exploring ‘Design for the Greater Good’.

So stop by – off or online – in the pursuit of happiness and harmony.

[Photographs courtesy of Japan C]

This is a post by David Report contributor Kristina Dryza.

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