In the world today more than 2,6 billion of people has no access to basic sanitation. That means that 40 out of 100 person lacks even the most simple latrine to perform their needs. The lack of toilets affects both society and the individual through the contamination of fresh water and ground water. Human faeces contain viruses, bacteria, worms and parasites which kills and infects people with serious diseases. One child in the world dies every 15 seconds due to contaminated water.

The Peepoo bag by Peepoople is a personal single use toilet, that sanitise the human excreta shortly after the defecation, preventing the faeces from contaminating the immediate as well as the larger environment.

The toilet is a high technology product for a low economy. As with the original Tetra-Pak it uses a minimum of material whilst providing maximum hygiene. Recognizing consumer need the Peepoo bag is formulated from a bottom up perspective putting the users need first. Ergonomically designed to be easy and hygienically to use, simple and rational to produce and thus possible to be sold to the groups with the weakest purchasing power, the Peepoo bag offer a sanitation choice for both the individual as the society-public as large.

The Peepoo bag is personal as in personal computer, it is mobile as in mobile phone and micro as in Microsoft. User-friendly and advanced, yet simple and cheap, the Peepoo bag offers a high degree of contemporary status.

The Peepoo bag can work as an every day toilet or as a complementary at night, at work or at school. Due to its low price it can be used regularly at home or only when ill. It can be given as a gift.
Since no investments or up-front money are needed, the use of the Peepoo bag do not pledge the future. The design of the bag offers a clean and hygienic way of excreta management helping to cut the stigma normally connected with this service. The Peepoo bag thus has the capacity to work as a development strategy on different levels.

The bag is made of a high performance degradable bioplastic which meets EU standard EN13432.
This means that the plastic not only disintegrates but also that the molecules are broken down into carbon dioxide, water and bio-mass.

The inside of the Peepoo bag is coated with a thin film of urea. Urea is the most common fertiliser in the world and is a non-hazardous chemical. It is found, for example, in toothpaste or skin cream often under the name of carbamide. When the urea comes into contact with faeces or urine, an enzymatic breakdown takes place into ammonia and carbonate, driven by enzymes which are naturally occurring in faeces. Due to its self-sanitising function the Peepoo bag, even if no collecting or disposal services are available or not yet developed, a discarded Peepoo do not contaminate the environment. The traditional link between water and sanitation is thus cut. As a single unit the Peepoo bag is independently sustainable. Every user contributes to society.


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