Elaine Kim’s debut collection melds low relief and surface texture into a confident vision of modernity and elegance. Entitled ‘Expectation’, the collection was inspired by a Gustav Klimt painting.

As the LA based fashion designer said, “I loved the rich and graphic surface Klimt created by juxtaposing two kinds of repetitive geometric patterns: the curvilinear (swirls) and the angular (triangles). I explored similar repeating patterns but within strict monochromatic parameters, as a kind of bumpy ‘jacquard’ with a leather-like sheen.”

Describing the collection as decadent, Kim says her designs are unapologetically sensual. “Decadence to me means unabashed self-indulgence and an abundance of pleasure.”

There’s also an opulence to her designs . . . a richness of texture, shine and layering. But with all the pieces, Kim envisions them being worn with a certain kind of nonchalance. “I see my customers mixing dresses, pants, sheer tops, all as her mood strikes her, even wearing them all together layered, and then topped with the hooded jacquard coat.”

The ex Product designer is looking forward to attracting her own group of diehard devotees with her new label.

“My customer is a creative and confident woman who seeks to articulate her unique identity. She’s looking for designs she can personally identify with, and that affirms her confidence and intellect. More and more, women will crave the artisanal, the local, the exclusive, the personal, the thoughtful, and the thought-through.”

Great expectations indeed.

This is a post by David Report contributor Kristina Dryza.

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