I’m really into music but I don’t write much about it here in the David Report blog. I actually started out as a DJ in the late 70´s and has also played guitar in different bands since the early 80´s (maybe I will post some song some day…). As a lifestyle injection I will write about great music that interests me every now and then. Life is more than design, isn’t?

Glasvegas was formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2006. Their music is influenced by arists as diverse as ‘Wall of Sound’ producer Phil Spector and bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Clash and The Jesus and Mary Chain. They put up Elvis as an inspiration themselves as well. Their debut will be released on Monday and I think it is a really good. Geraldine and Daddy’s gone are two great tracks that you can listen to as samples at their MySpace page. Their ongoing British tour is already sold out and a lot of people except Glasvegas to go number one in the album charts. I’m one of them… they are simply great!

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