Absolut will support Helmut Lang’s first institutional solo exhibition named “Alles gleich Schwer” which is launched with a VIP party today, Friday August 29th. The exhibition takes place at renowned kestnergesellschaft in Hanover and is part of the ongoing Absolut Visionaries program called In an Absolut World. The Absolut and Helmut Lang collaboration will be on view at the gallery from August 31st to November 2nd and online from September 30th to December 31st.

“Alles gleich Schwer” marks Helmut Lang’s move away from the physical body’s articulation through clothes. New works that explore and develop the social and physical membranes between interior and exterior identities and spaces will be exhibited. Also “Scéance de Travail 1993-1999” which is a retrospective installation originally conceived for a show at Kunsthalle Wien in 1998.

Drawing on references as diverse as the folkloric rites of maypole ceremonies and the exploration of surrogate skin, Helmut Lang is presenting installations, objects and possibilities that integrate knowledge of the human form with the personal mythologies and abstract arrangements of the world at large.

Be sure to visit the exhibiton online where Absolut and Helmut Lang have created a truly interactive platform, in which the art can live beyond physical space and outside geographic restraints.

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