“Transformed Flower,” a new public art sculpture designed and built by Phillip K. Smith, III, principal of The Art Office was installed in May, 2008 as part of the newly renovated Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park in Kansas City. The sculpture was commissioned by Kansas City resident and philanthropist, Annette Bloch, as a centerpiece for inspiration and hope within the park’s new, open plaza. The park’s completion was celebrated at a rededication ceremony on  June 1st, as part of the 23rd Annual Kansas City Celebration of Life event.

The lower half of “Transformed Flower” was built in the studio of The Art Office in Indio, CA and delivered to the site. For six days in May, Phillip Smith and Burzeen Contractor were on-site installing the upper half of the sculpture. “Transformed Flower” is built from 720 computer-milled parts of UV resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that were hand assembled to create the final sculpture. Inspired by a flower ready to bloom, the sculpture transforms formally from the bottom to the top. The base of the sculpture is a perfect circle, which then twists 45 degrees, transforming and opening into an 8-pointed star. The sculpture is pixilated in color from white at the base to yellow, orange, and red at the top.

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