There are more ways of escaping from hassle and bustle of Tokyo than ski weekends and an occasional trip to hot springs. 2.5 hours on the train from Tokyo and you are in Southern Izu, a place famous for its nature, onsens and, of course, beautiful white beaches with clear blue water and waves perfect for surfing. The White Beach is located 30 seconds away from Ohama beach, Shimoda, one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in Japan. Being the closest place to the beach the Clubhouse at White Beach takes care of all your needs from after-beach shower or cocktail to a fresh expresso or great meal any time of the day.

The renovated White Beach was re-opened on 14th June 2008 and the owners hope to bring back to Shimoda the optimism of the 1970’s when this hotel was built and share this Clubhouse and Hotel with everyone.

At White Beach each room has a different and unique feel. During the recent renovation of the hotel they decided to keep the period 1970’s wallpaper as each room has a different pattern – sometimes with contrasting prints on the wall and ceiling! The papers range from traditional bamboo thru stone, brick, leather, travertine, regency flock to a majestic rose print on wall and ceiling. Why don’t you try to match the room and it’s individual wallpaper to the mood of your visit!

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