Level Vodka invited star fashion designer and artist Hussein Chalayan to create a pioneering work of art with a focus on taste. He was given completely free rein. The result is The Level Tunnel – a 15 meters long and 5 meters high travelling installation that captures the essence of Level Vodka. But the road leading there was anything but straight. Follow The Level Tunnel Team’s blog on the daily twists and turns of this spectacular project (the blog will only be updated during the tunnel events).

After the premiere in Mexico, The Level Tunnel will continue to Athens and Paris. It will visit each city for 1-2 weeks and is partly open to the general public. The visitors will experience the taste of Level Vodka with all their senses but one – sight. They wander blindfolded through the tunnel as they hear music from flutes made out of Level bottles, inhale scents of the super premium vodka, and are enclosed by the soft leather of the railing. And when they climb out, it all ends with a tasting event.

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