Every year I’m hosting a rose event called Rosor på Falsterbonäset (Roses at the Falsterbo Peninsula) in my hometown Falsterbo. I’m doing it together with the local nature preservation organisation (where I’m the vice president) and it concerns old roses, one thing I would not like to live my life without. This years event takes place June 26th at 5pm and we start in my own garden.

We will also visit a couple of other gardens which concentrates on old and English roses. The Scania Rose Society is co-organising the event and Monica Bäckström will talk about (and answering questions) concerning roses and cultivation.

If you are not able to come I’m adding some snapshots from my garden which I took this morning. Just let me know if you are in Falsterbo during the rose season (June-July) and a will happily show you my garden.

p.s My cat’s name is Måns…

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