I just read some comments to the latest David Report bulletin called “I shop therefore I am” in “The Marketer Who Went Off Consumption”. It’s a year-long book-as-a-blog experiment in why we choose to consume, or not, written by India based Gaurav Mishra. In a very clear and comprehensible way he is putting together a couple of important trends that in one way or another describes how our consumption pattern are about to change:

– From conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption.
– From brand-consciousness to background-consciousness.
– From synthetic to organic.
– From mass-produced to hand-crafted.
– From global to local.
– From short-term to sustainable.
– From fashionable to durable.
– From valuing things to valuing insights.
– From fitting in/ standing out to being.
– From buying more to buying less.
– From doing more to doing less.
– From multi-tasking to down-shifting.
– From buying to sharing/ exchanging.
– From owning to experiencing.
– From having to giving.

Sounds quite attractive to me… What do you think?

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