OPENnetwork is a tool for the creative industry by Danish Lynfbrikken. It’s all about inspiration, people and products. It’s a Panel-based rendering engine allowing mixing and comparison of multi-section content side-by-side as the basic information architecture – keeping the “let me quickly see what’s here” functionality from the old site, but greatly enhancing it’s potential. You can easily create collections of your favourites

The “Inspiration” section is populated by content gathered through numerous RSS feeds. Various workflows based on Yahoo Pipes (among others) are used to pull hard to get content, like Flickr Sets. Keeping the content sources for the “Inspiration” section strictly remote, allowed the developers to tap into the multitude of (mostly) freely available tools developed to manage the publication of online content – providing the users of OPENnetwork with a flexible and ever increasing platform of tools, like mobile-blogging, and the availability of highly personalized workflows for content publication. Making OPENnetwork exist as a node in a network rather than yet another self centered hub.

Of the numerous innovative features of the site, the ability to save a given selection of panels into a Collection (available as a RSS feed, permalink-able and print-able) makes it possible for users to create design Issues of their own. Products can be compared and saved as share-able inspiration or shopping lists, News articles can be referenced side by side and Persons can be located and recommended.


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