APOCALYPSE is a new company founded by industrial designers Petra Lilja and Jenny Nordberg. Based in Malmö, Sweden, they are designing sustainable products and services. The first product, The Soap is made from recycled cooking oil from the numerous Falafel stands around Malmö.
“We look at waste as materials with a history and with a potential new life as a new product”, says Jenny Nordberg. The method of Apocalypse takes the complete life cycle of a product in consideration. “In The Soap we combine the old tradition of making cold processed soap with the use of a modern waste material of our home town”, says Petra Lilja.

The sound track for the release of The Soap is composed by artist Andres Corazon who turned the oil barrels into oil drums.

Here’s the link to the soundtrack. You should definitely listen to it.

Finally a picture from the APOCALYPSE lab!

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