Here follows some further images from the Milan Design Week 2008. This time from some of the exhibitions around the Zona Tortona. The biggest impression was that Superstudio Piu was quite boring this year. Superstudio used to put together an interesting mix of companies all the way back from the time when Giulio Cappellini once discovered the place. Not this year though. Tom Dixon was one of few exhibitors that delivered both interesting pieces and ambiance. Danish producer Mater, who celebrates local crafts and has a serious corporate social responsibility direction, made their Milan debut. Check it out below.

Typical Tom Dixon design in his stand.

The Moooi show was bigger than ever. Maybe a bit washy as well…

The Mater stand.

Elegant Andrée Putman interviewed in her exhibition.

Just some nice roofs…

Swarovski pieces. I’m still a bit confused how they continue to “design-wash” during the Milan Design Week. Why don’t they go all the way and start to be smarter in their shops as well? Last picture shows their lecture arena inside their exhibition. That´s a good try at least. People want knowledge!

The food mobile on three wheels at Ex Ansaldo.

The name sign was the best in this exhibition…

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