Shoptalk is a series of sessions on tomorrow’s retailing and beyond by FutureDesignDays. These Shoptalks will take place April 2 in Malmö, May 15 in Stockholm and May 22 in Borås, Sweden.

I will be one of the participants in the panel debate at the Malmö event. Book your ticket by clicking the link above, however seats are limited. Here’s a short description of the event by FutureDesignDays:

Have you grasped the full implications of the real world web? The fact that the dividing line between the virtual/digital world and the real world melted away long ago? With the resultant paradox that, in an increasingly digitalised world, physical meetings are being subjected to new demands, and that the shop once more stands centre stage in the growth and development of retailing, a position that is increasingly focussing on relations rather than transactions.

So what are the challenges? Where are the opportunities? Most important of all, who are the crazy, courageous and insightful people who are driving the issue of tomorrow’s retailing?

FutureDesignDays Nomad continues its quest for tomorrow’s business models from a design perspective, and turns the spotlight on the future of retailing in a series of exciting splashdown-events in spring 2008. As usual, the programme will feature lots of interesting speakers, plus a series of come-and-enjoy supporting events in which the networking opportunities of the mingle format are justifiably renowned. The first three splashdown points will be Malmö, followed by Stockholm and Borås.

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