Stockholm Furniture Fair + designboost

COMPLETE STAGE PROGRAM AT STOCKHOLM FURNITURE FAIR 2008 (all Designboost Boost Talks specially marked).

All activities will take place at the scene in Giulio Cappellini’s lounge in the entrance area if nothing else is stated. The Designboost Boost Talks will be performed from the mobile “design sofa”. David Carlson and/or Peer Eriksson represents Designboost in the conversations where Designboost is stated.


10.00 Designboost A conversation between designer JEAN MARIE MASSAUD and Designboost about humanism and “sustainable design”.

11.00 Designboost EWA KUMLIN, managing director of Svensk Form talks with designer STEPHEN BURKS on the theme “Saving the planet in style”.

12.00 Designboost Ewa Kumlin, managing director of Svensk Form and CAROLINE HEIROTH, Swedish Style in Tokyo talk with SATYENDRA PAKHALE, cultural nomad + TERUO KUROSAKI and BENJAMIN BUDDE among other representatives from the Tokyo design community.

13.00 Designboost A conversation between designer ILSE CRAWFOORD and Designboost.

14.00 – 15.00 Price Awards

The Nordic Design Prize 2008.

Almedahls award 2008

Design award ”Design Nu”, Hesselboms Universum


10.00 Designboost A conversation between ANDERS ENGLUND, design director at Offecct and designers EERO KOIVISTO and SATYENDRA PAKHALE about “sustainable design”.

11.00 Designboost Presentation by Mr GIULIO CAPPELLINI, Guest of Honour 2008. Place: Conference room K2

12.00 Designboost A conversation between YVONNE KARLSSON and MARIA MIDBY ARÉN from Alcro and Designboost on the theme “paint vs colour”.

13.00 Home Furniture Supplier of the Year/The Swedish Furniture Retailers Association.

14.00 Designboost Presentation by MIRKKU KULLBERG, managing director of Artek on the theme “sustainable design”.

15.00 Designboost A conversation between CHRISTEL VAENERBERG, design and brand director at Iittala and Designboost on how to conceptualize “sustainable design”.

16.00 Judith Gura, Professor of Design History, New York School of Interior Design, and author of “Sourcebook of Scandinavian Furniture: Designs for the 21st Century”

16.00-18.00 Designboost Book releases by Arena publishing house. Drinks. Interviews by Designboost. Place: Konst-ig, stand AG:01.


10.00 TMF/Swedish Furniture Industry

10.30 TMF/Swedish Furniture Industry

11.00 Price award Forum for real estate boxes

11.00 Designboost A conversation between JOHANNES CARLSTRÖM and
MAGDALENA NILSSON from Save our souls and Designboost about the ideas behind the Designbar. Place: The Designbar in hall C.

12.00 TMF/Swedish Furniture Industry

12.30 TMF/Swedish Furniture Industry

13.00 Stefan Nilsson, Interior trends for 2008/2009

13.00 Designboost Designer ALEXANDER LERVIK talks about his work with the lighting exhibition “Enlightenment”. Place: The lighting exhibition “Enlightenment”.

14.00 Birgitta Tryberg from Feng Shui Goodliving

14.30 TMF/Swedish Furniture Industry

15.00 Stefan Nilsson, Interior trends for 2008/2009

15.00 Designboost A conversation between GABRIELLA GUSTAFSON and
MATTIAS STÅHLBOM from TAF about their design of the Greenhouse. Place: Greenhouse

16.00 Price award: +1 Best in Show/Forum AID


10.00 Designboost MATTI KLENELL talks about his new series of glasses among other things.

11.00 Stefan Nilsson, Interior trends for 2008/2009

12.00 Designboost Material expert ANDREAS BREITHOLTZ from Råvara talks about interesting materials in general and sustainable materials in particular.

13.00 Designboost A conversation between IRENE BERNALD, markering director at Audi Sweden and Designboost about a holistic view of “sustainable design”.

14.00 Stefan Nilsson, Interior trends for 2008/2009

15.00 Johan Sjöberg, Svenssons i Lammhult


Seminar programme arranged for the general public by interior magazine
Hus and Hem.


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