Industrial designer Jed Crystal had a house full of cats, but along with them came a house full of ugly cat furniture. With no cool beds for cool cats existing, he decided to create his own modern pet furniture line. As he said, “I just kept thinking there’s got to be a better way.” With the line going by the names and styles of Pod, Podium and Nest, his company Hepper Home is all about modern pet furniture that will make you jealous.

Crystal’s cat Hepper (short for Hepburn, as in Audrey) was the inspiration for the line. She’s now also the official tester who has free reign over all the design prototypes. The entire line is designed from Crystal’s studios in a renovated warehouse located in Burlington, Vermont. Wanting to see function and art melding, Crystal just knew he could design something better than the pet furnishings that were currently on the market.


The fundamental links between humans and pets are always being explored in the line. For example, Crystal took human sleeping bag technology and shrunk it to fit the needs of pets for the Pet Pad product.

The range though is not just for dogs and cats. There’s also Hepper Roost. “Chances are slim that the birds in your yard are reading Dwell magazine,” Crystal mocks, “but nonetheless they could be dwelling-well in this mini-modern home of their own.” The birdhouse comes assembled and ready to hang, but it’s recommended that you clean it out once a year, so that birds can re-find it and build new nests in the spring.


Comfort, security and warmth are integral to a pet’s happiness, so the Hepper Pod is raised off the ground for warmth, has high sidewalls for security, and soft interiors that give it the comfort factor. A self-declared cat lover, Crystal says of the Hepper Pod product, “it offers the security of a mountaintop cave with way more style. It serves as your pet’s own personal sanctuary – a perfect place for curling up to snooze, hide, or reign supreme.”

Jealous yet?

[Photos courtesy of Jed Crystal]

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