Designboost at Stockholm Furniture Fair

The Knowledge company Designboost and Stockholm Furniture Fair, the premier design fair in Scandinavia, start a collaboration.

During the period 6–10 February Designboost will stage a “mini boost” event at the Stockholm Furniture Fair themed around the concept of “sustainable design”. It contains BOOST CHATS, BOOST TALKS and BOOST SHOWS. It’s one of a couple of “mini boost” events that Designboost will stage until it is time for the next main Designboost event in Malmö this autumn.

The different activities:


-Designboost will arrange 15 different BOOST TALKS using a concept called the “design sofa”. Among the persons that will do presentations and be involved in discussions are designers Satyendra Pakhale, Stephen Burks, Ilse Crawfoord, Jean Marie Massaud and Matti Klenell to mention a few. Further on representatives from companies and organisations like Giulio Cappellini/Cappellini, Ewa Kumlin/managing director of Svensk Form, Mirkku Kullberg/managing director of Artek, Christel Vaenerberg/design director at Iittala, Yvonne Karlsson and Maria Midby Arén/Alcro and Irene Bernald/marketing director at Audi Sweden are invited to the “design sofa”.

-Designboost will arrange 8 BOOST CHATS where each of them consists of one designer, one producer, one journalist and one student. The theme of the BOOST CHATS is how companies and organisations can conceptualize on the notion of “sustainable design” to gain business advantage and consequently benefit the society. Among the participants are designers Damian Williamson, Alexander Lervik and Gabriella Gustafson. Producers and journalists are represented by Kersti Sandin/Materia, Johan Lindau/Blå Station and Peter Jiseborn/Swedese, Mark Isitt/freelance, Daniel Golling/Forum AID and Dan Gordan/Sköna hem to mention a few. Students from Beckman college of design and Konstfack, University College of Arts Crafts and Design will be involved as well.

-Designboost will visualize the seven parts of the Sustainable Wheel in seven different mini environments in collaboration with Alcro. The environments will contain products, descriptions and filmed interviews. Among the represented companies are Apple, Biomega, Brio, Electrolux and Tom Dixon.

-Designboost will present two different conceptualizations of ”sustainable design” by Artek and Iittala.

-Designboost will use Audi as an example of a holistic view on “sustainable design”.

The complete program is available here.


-Designboost will arrange a BOOST SHOW on the theme “sustainable design” at the Audi showroom, Hamngatan 17 in central Stockholm. It’s an updated version of the BOOST SHOW presented in Malmö in October 2007. It includes products and strategy descriptions from companies like Alcro, Artek, Brio, Electrolux, Iittala, KR LT Studio and Nior Illuminati to mention a few. Designboost will also present different filmed interview on the topic of “sustainable design” with Eero Koivisto, Tom Dixon, Tejo Remy and Stephen Burks among others. The BOOST SHOW at Audi will be up and running for a month.


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