Here follows a text from designer and cultural nomad Satyendra Pakhale about his exhibition called “We can’t afford to buy CHEAP things”.

Having been invited by Ms. Nicolette Naumann to curate and design the Personal Shopper exhibition at Tendence Lifestyle 2007, I feel it’s indeed high time for us to review our way of living in general, to rethink our patterns of consumptions and evolve a new fresh concern for sustainable living.

I would like to take this opportunity to search and discover objects with relevance and ask questions about these issues, such as “what is sustainable living in today’s context?”. And therefore to make us aware of the underlying issues relevant for us these days. To review our way of living, looking at our consumption patterns, habits and above all at our global industrial culture.

By critically looking at all the industrial output and consumption patterns, we can hopefully eliminate what is not needed and focus on what is really essential. Therefore put great emphasis on quality rather than quantity, and direct our resources on cultivating a culture of creation rather than a culture of consumption.

We also need to start a fresh debate on so called “sustainable design”. For me the most sustainable design is the design that will not be trashed, discarded for generations to come. It is a design that becomes a cultural icon. Something that is well conceived, that does not exclude socio-cultural needs besides utilitarian needs, that is well crafted and well made, with a gentle relationship to nature. Ultimately, every product is a result of human touch and a healthy relationship with our natural environment. Good design speaks a universal language that does justice to both tradition and innovation.

I will try to demonstrate my concern for these issues by selecting products, objects and hopefully systems etc. for the Personal Shopper exhibition that create my personal landscape, from the galaxies of products and objects chosen from around the world.

In order to display an intelligence of the future and to cultivate sustainable living we can’t afford to buy CHEAP things.

Satyendra Pakhale was also one of the boosters at the recent Designboost event which I organised in Malmö some weeks ago.


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