The car industry is preparing for the big “environmental friendly” fight at this years car show in Frankfurt. The one thousand exhibitors expect almost a million visitors to the stands. It’s good that the car industry finally would like to be environmental friendly (because of the ongoing ecological trend I suppose…). Their efforts are in other words very focused on technology (as always), different fuels and carbon dioxide. What’s totally missing on the agenda is some good old honourable design thinking. Will any of the cars of today be around year 2027? I have a sports car myself that is designed back in 1967, still as accurate as when it was new. That’s sustainable and environmental friendly design. Today people sell their cars after a three years lease as “damage control”. How environmental friendly is that? I would like to see timelessness, new materials that push the envelope, storytelling, sensorial experiences and cultural awareness. Today, most cars is just a technological masculine machines and the car designers sometimes seems to live in a parallel universe. Who will be first with cars like everyday tools, that really attract people and addresses their needs? Cars that can be personalised according to your own desires.


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