Ten new speakers have just been announced for the lecture day of the event Designboost which will take place in Malmö, Sweden on October 18. The theme for Designboost this year is “sustainable design” and the speakers will give their personal view on the subject. I’m one if the founders of the event and we are offering an “early bird” price until October 5th. Be sure to secure your personal seat by visiting the Designboost registration page.

The speakers are:

Stephen Burks

Stephen Burks is one of the most successful designers in his generation. He is working with everything from shop interiors and packaging to to furniture and home accessories. One of his latest projects was the design of the bottle for the new Calvin Klein perfume CK IN2U.

Mathilda Tham

The work of Mathilda Tham includes trend forecasting, fashion and sustainable issues. Mathilda has also been working with design, pr and marketing. Mathilda works as professor at Beckmans college of design in Stockholm and teaches about eco-design at Goldsmith college in England.

Ilkka Suppanen

Ilkka Suppanen once belonged to the successful Snowcrash design community and his creativity often leads him forward towards new materials and technologies. He is both preserving and developing the innovative and functional Scandinavian heritage.

Katarina Graffman

Katarina Graffman works as an ethnographer. Her tools are simple but the practice is complex. It consists of digging for something with unknown shape, colour and size. The research take place wherever, whenever as reality is her lab. The experiments are conducted in cars, homes, stores, workplaces and parks.

Kristina Börjesson

Kristina has for most part of her professional life as a projects manager and managing director worked for an altered attitude to marketing. Kristina lives since 1996 in London and has written a Master thesis on designers as the link between culture and meaning as also a PhD thesis on the affective sustainability of objects.

Jens Martin Skibsted

Through is company Skibsted Ideation Jens Martin Skibsted develops innovative products that are brand carriers, drive numbers and massively boost PR. He applies the thinking of branding, fashion and music to the world of industrial design. Jens Martin Skibsted is the founder of Biomega – the luxury urban mobility brand.

Nina Jobs

Nina Jobs is an internationally recognized and awarded designer. With a background as graphic designer she holds a master degree in product-design from ENSAD-Paris. Her designs includes works within products, furniture and textile design. In 2001-2005, Nina Jobs also assigned to promote Swedish design in Asia on the behalf of the Swedish government. Nina also make speeches world wide.

John-Michael Ekeblad

John-Michael Ekeblad runs Daytime Projects Inc which is a strategic design consultancy based in New York City that creates magic out of rationality. John-Michael’s philosophy is about convergence of design culture with deep consumerism and artistic movement that creates a platform of Commercial Aesthetics.

Björn Jeffery

Björn Jeffery works as CEO and Internet Strategist at the Swedish communication agency Good Old. As co-founder of the company, his main focus is the implementation of current and future web trends to large publishing houses. Björn is also the founder of two of Swedens largest blogs, Discobelle.net and Manolo.se.

Thomas Sandell

Thomas Sandell is one of the most acknowledged designer and archictect in Sweden. Thomas has received several Swedish and international design awards. His assigners include Cappellini, B&B Italia and Asplund to mention a few. His recent work with the proposal of a new Kallbadhus in Riddarfjärden has caused a lot of debate.

The five following speakers are already confirmed from before: Satyendra Pakhale, Jennifer Leonard, Eero Koivisto, Kristina Dryza and Brent Richards.

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