As I have mentioned earlier I’m one of the founders of the Designboost event which will take place in Malmö 17-19 October. Designboost consists of workshops, lectures and an exhibition (or as we prefer to call it boost meetings, boost chats and boost show). We are asking our one hundred participating “boosters” to write a one liner concerning sustainable design (the theme for 2007). As well as I’m posting them in the Designboost blog I will post some of them here as well. Some of the “boosters” will also talk on the boost chats day October 18th in Malmö (which is open for the public). When you register on-line before October 5th we offer you an early bird price! The confirmed speakers for October 18th include Satyendra Pakhale, Jennifer Leonard, Eero Koivisto, Kristina Dryza and Brent Richards (further speakers to be announced this week).

Here are some thoughtful quotes on sustainable design:

Jennifer Leonard – designer researcher and writer

“What will endure is what is uniquely human”

Satyendra Pakhale – cultural nomad and designer

“Every design ought to be Sustainable design, meaning something people refuse to trash”

Kristina Dryza – trend forecaster

“The sustainability of cultural heritage amidst the backdrop of global change and modern life”

Christel Vaenerberg – product portfolio director/Iittala

“Solutions which meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs”

Thomas Sandell – designer and architect

“Quality is always sustainable”

Katarina Graffman – ethnographer

“Sustainable design gives an authentic value to the consumer”


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