Designboost is a new event in Malmö which I’m organising together with Peer Eriksson. The City of Malmö and Region Skåne are involved as interested persons. Designboost is a completely novel concept on the Swedish design market. It will be annual, different, international and will penetrate questions of current interest on design in a broad perspective and put them on the agenda in the society at large. Designboost takes place October 17 – November 17 and consists of three different parts; Boost meetings (formerly known as workshops), Boost chats (formerly known as lectures) and a Boost show (formerly known as exhibition). The theme for year one is sustainable design. The Boost meetings take place at the two top floors of Turning Torso Skyscraper by Santiago Calatrava with an invited group of participants while the Boost chats and the Boost show are open for the public. Participants include Kristina Dryza, Satyendra Pakahle, Jennifer Leonard, Eero Koivisto and Brent Richards among a lot of other creative and interesting people (check the current list here.)

It’s important to look upon things from a new perspective and be given a push forward, which is exactly what the word boost means. When it comes to sustainable design it’s likely that things need to be questioned. Since the world is constantly changing and the maps rewritten it’s impossible to sit around and wait. We can shape our world and create a more sustainable future with the help of design. We can also use it to make tomorrow’s society. A greater knowledge of design gives greater force to development. With Designboost we wish to strengthen design as a mean of competition.

Further info about Designboost in the press release here.


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