Neo is a new collection of pots by Claesson Koivisto Rune by Finnish producer Iittala. According to them it was a challenge to achieve the possibility to cook in all different ways (gas, induction etc) and keep the sense of quality at the same time as Neo should be lightweight enough for women to use (who in general is not as strong as men and still, at present time, cook most of the food at home…).

Neo by CKR for Iittala

Neo by CKR for Iittala

Here is an explanation of the project from Claesson Koivisto Rune:

“Cooking can be a precise exercise. Modern kitchen design and its materials are often reminiscent of laboratories. But the people cooking and the food that’s prepared is anything but dry science. It’s organic. It’s human. So we made it our mission to combine these two opposites. Our working name for this project became “organic precision.”

Our pots have a unique ergonomic feature that also became the aesthetic feature. Two handles, positioned vertically.

Handling an empty pot is no problem. But a pot filled with boiling water is something else. With the two handles, one on either side, you can easily control lifting, carrying and pouring with both hands. Issuing first horizontally from the pot body, then continuing in a distinct, downward angle, our handles are better suited to the natural position of your hands. Thoroughly researched and tested with prototypes, of course.

At first glance the handle is flat, slender-looking, but once grasped reveals itself to be rounded on the inside. It sits comfortably in the hand – wet or dry. A similar open handle on the lid allows it to be hung on a wall-mounted rail.

The pot’s body opens towards the top from an angle midway up. This makes for easier pouring, as well as affording a safe distance between the handle and the warm surface of the pot body.”

The picture below shows the CKR office when working hard with the design of the collection…

Neo by CKR for Iittala

Photo copyright: Louise Billgert

In cookware Iittala can present some mile stones before today: the famous Timo Sarpaneva pot, that has became a design icon, was designed already in 1960 and is still in production. In 1998 Iittala launched the Tools series, designed by the Swedish Björn Dahlström. You can see both of them together with the new Neo series below.

Neo by CKR for Iittala


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