New York-based designer Andrea Ruggiero has created Sombrero, a patent-pending cable management solution for hardware manufacturer Doug Mockett & Company, which thoroughly addresses the common problem of cable containment.

Designed to be mounted to the underside of any worksurface, this sombrero-shaped spool reins in unruly cable by winding it around its core and firmly anchoring the exiting cable into any of the three V-shaped notches: This unique design feature prevents the cables from accidentally dislodging or unwinding. Sombrero is molded in a semi-flexible elastomer and accomodates most cord diameters, ranging from smaller data cables (Ethernet, Firewire, USB, etc…) to larger power cords. Sombrero is easily installed using only a screwdriver and can also be mounted vertically onto a wall or the back of a cabinet.

We need a lot of solutions for cable management. You have probably seen this kind of mess under a table or two…



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