As I reported in my latest bulletin called Vulgarism a new fair will start during the Frieze Art Fair. Originally it was called Design London but the fair showed its real face recently when they announced a new name; DesignArt London. Here are some words which I cut out from their press release:

The calibre of the work on show will attract serious collectors, curators, directors, dealers and artists, but is hoped that DesignArt London will also broaden the public’s awareness of the ever-growing contemporary furniture market. DesignArt London will coincide with Frieze, underlining the synergy between art and design and the blurring of the functional and aesthetic.

It seems like it will be a lot of works in limited editions or unique pieces, like a clone of the recent Design Miami festival. Functionality will be blurred by aesthetics (decoration or styling instead of smart design in other words). The boosting trend of designers that would like to be artists continues… I don’t know if I’m pragmatic just because I’m from Scandinavia, where simple and sufficient design is in our genes. I’m still trying to figure out who is manipulating who. Is the market (=galleries and fairs in this case) manipulating the designers? Or is it the power of media? Or is my thinking just old school? What do you think?


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