LUNA by Eero Sairanen is a sculpture/vase that revolutionises the traditional concept of the vase. From the front it is round, while its cross-section is concave and ends in a long, narrow slit in which flowers are geometrically arranged. Luna sways on the tabletop to create an optical iilusion of motion. Just the opposite of a traditional vase, in which flowers are arranged randomly but rest on a stable base. Available in white and black ceramic. LUNA is produced by SpHaus, Italy.

Luna vase by Eero Sairanen

Eero Sairanen was born 1965 and studied industrial design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. He made his international debut at the Salone Satellite in 1998. He is running Studio Eero Sairanen from 2002 and onwards. Works for LigneRoset, France, SpHaus, Italy, Emmemobile, Italy, Marimekko, Finland, among others.


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