The summer vacations are more or less over in Sweden and it’s time for a new Likemind coffee morning tomorrow Friday August 17. As earlier Likemind coffee mornings I’m hosting the Malmö branch together with Björn from Good Old and we will meet at 9 am at Solde Kaffebar, Regementsgatan 2. Coffee kindly paid for by New York agency Anomaly. If you are not in Malmö on Friday, Likemind coffee mornings will take place in the following cities as well: New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Copenhagen, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, London, Minneapolis, Ancona, Orlando, Jakarta, Hamburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Cape Town, New Orleans, Portland, Chicago, Jesi, Istanbul, Beijing, Missoula and Catania, Brighton, Perth, Toronto, Detroit, Birmingham, Philadelphia, Melbourne, Atlanta and Austin. The list is growing for every Likemind coffee morning.

Why we are doing it? Because drinking good coffee with likeminded people is fun!

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