Galerie Nordenhake by Erik Andersson

Art space specialist Erik Andersson has just designed another premium gallery in Stockholm. The new Galerie Nordenhake provides a suite of three large rooms, surpassing the gallery’s previous capacity and enabling exhibitions of the scale and ambition for which Nordenhake’s Berlin and Stockholm galleries are well known. The ground floor of 300 square metres is divided into two connected galleries and a showroom, providing the possibility of a single large exhibition or smaller parallel shows. All the galleries have museum standard floors and loading capacity, and the office and the storages are located around the gallery rooms. The whole gallery is realised within existing structures.

“It’s wonderful to be given the opportunity to design a second gallery on Hudiksvallsgatan,” says Erik Andersson, referring to Gallery Brändström & Stene, which opened in 2004. “The space, a former garage, provided a challenge due to its irregular form. By situating the office and the art storages on the edges of the space, we freed the galleries from ventilation ducts and radiators. This created an ideal, neutral space, where the architecture serves the art and not the other way around.”

Erik Andersson Architects have previously designed several other galleries in Stockholm, among them Brändström & Stene, the former Natalia Goldin Gallery and spaces for private collectors and artists. For Ben Loveless, director for Galerie Nordenhake in Stockholm, Andersson was an ideal collaborator. ”Erik Andersson has a long experience with creating art spaces and has respect and understanding for an artist’s needs,” he says.

Galerie Nordenhake by Erik Andersson

Galerie Nordenhake by Erik Andersson



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