Future Forum in Barcelona is an annual symposium about architecture and design. It’s presented by design hotels for the fourth time, together with the London-based Future Laboratory, Berlin-based Die Gestalten Verlag and some of the world’s most innovative designers, creatives, architects and progressive thinkers. Under the motto “New Shelter” this year’s Future Forum will be an exploration of holistic concepts and will offer insights for future brand strategy. The platforms of design, architecture and consumerism will be delved into with a keen sensibility for the sustainable and the authentic.

At Future forum you can experience new concepts in hospitality: consistent design is only a minimum requirement for success, but the Forum will look beyond this at holistic concepts that marry the right design, the right art, and the right cuisine in a sustainable environment…this is what will captivate the consumer and fulfil, or even exceed, their expectations.

The speakers include Arne Quinze, Etienne Russo, Chris Sanderson and Claus Sendlinger.

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