The video shows a panel discussion arranged by Inhabitat on reclaimed materials and recycling with designers Tejo Remy, Matt Gagnon, Carlos Salgado and Sam Grawe. Seems like the word recycling is about to be the new buzzword… According to me recycling is interesting on both a personal level and in a bigger industrial coherence. The two work best hand-in-hand. Trying to re-use things at home is an important symbol for taking care of our earth. In the bigger industrial context recycling can really make a huge difference.

As an endnote: it is interesting to hear Tejo Remy describe how one of his recycling designs has turned into art for rich people, which according to him shows how crazy the market is… A lot of designers are doing everything to please the art galleries nowadays, in the case of Tejo Remy it seems more like he has been “hijacked”…

You can read more about the new design-art trend (and how it lacks responsibility) in my latest bulletin called Vulgarism.

Thanks to Designboom


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