After a long working journey with a highly reputable company on the development a new design, things collapsed in a split of a second when the marketing and sales people came into the meeting room to say: that has no commercial value! End of discussion. Project cancelled!

I got an email in my office from the creative department of the referred company, regretting to inform me of the above and at the same time saying the most flattering words concerning the product design work – in short they said something like: We think the design is very interesting but it seems it has no commercial value. We have to cancel it!

After reading it, I didn’t know what to think of it – is it good or bad news? – “…the design is interesting…” being the designer I see this as good news! “… it has no commercial value…” hmm… what does this mean? How can they know this for sure before they try to sell it? “… We have to cancel it…” Clearly bad news!

Creative departments and designers come up with an idea for a product. Together they decide to develop it. After several tests and a great deal of work, they solved it both functionally and technically. The final result is seen by everyone involved on the design process as rather interesting. Next step: a meeting with the marketing and sales department; they come in to look at it and say – it has no commercial value! The project gets cancelled right there… Is this logical? Would all marketeers come up with the same conclusion, or some would and others wouldn’t? This meaning: is the marketeer judging the commercial value of the product he is evaluating, or is he assuming his lack of capacity for making that product commercially successful?

This post is written by one of my designer friends that are contributing to David Report: Gonçalo Prudencio.

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