Street Clash is a new kind of global street fashion blog. You could say it is both a full-out global style war as well as a source of information on the coolest spots in major cities around the world.

Starting 1 JULY, 2007, participating street style blogs and photographers from cities around the world will engage in the largest street fight ever. One photo entry will go up for each participating city. Readers will then vote on which style they think is best. Cities with the top scoring photos will go up on the STREET CLASH chart conveniently posted for you above. From then on, each week two cities will compete against each other, each city posting one new photo to be voted on per day. The votes will be tallied at the end of the week, and the winning city will advance to the next round.

Each day there’ll be a feature on the blog about one place you ought to be the next time you’re visiting one of the competing cities. The best clubs, best vintage stores, best coffee, you know.


As of sending date, 28 cities are participating, with more being added daily.


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