Samsung unveiled a new cooperation with designer Jasper Morrison yesterday by the launch of the new mobile phone SGH-E590. Samsung would like to attract fashion conscious users by adding smart and well designed products to its catalogue.

The stylish E590 comes in simple contours and clean lines which comprise this compact bar design. True to Jasper Morrison’s witty sense, the mobile phone provides dual face; one side features phone keypad and LCD screen while the other side is outfitted with dedicated camera functions. Moreover, E590 by Jasper Morrison comes with the Bean bag, a unique tripod which is a truly useful and portable accessory made of a special rubberized material for maximum flexibility and grip.

Geesung Choi, President of Samsung’s Telecommunication Network business says the following about the collaboration: “The SGH-E590 is a very pragmatic work of art that reflects the synergy between Samsung and Jasper Morrison. We have teamed up to satisfy our users with high-performance technology and emotional design. Through the partnership with renowned designers, Samsung will strengthen our design power to bring design excellence to our customers.”

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