Milan based Gak Sato has made a collection of furniture music called cosmosSfera for the Japanese design brand Sfera. The work of Gak Sato represents a new form of music and a new way of enjoying music. The album also features Yuko Ikoma and Kosuke Shimidzu, a member of mama!milk, the music group playing in Japan and abroad.

The collaboration with Gak Sato sees the group’s unique sound pleasantly permeate the skin of each and every listener. Gak Sato has taken sounds from sessions recorded in early November 2006 at Houzen shrine, Fukuzou shrine and the Sfera Building and edited these to create cosmosSfera vol.2.

In the same manner as the former album, cosmosSfera vol.2 is played across several sound systems, allowing the listener to construct his or her own world of sound. Listeners are invited to enjoy the experience as a game of constantly evolving sounds.

Amongst many projects, cosmosSfera vol.2 is Sfera’s latest product created under the theme “Space design based on sound”.

The Gak Sato CD is available from the Sfera online shop.

Here is a short excerpt to listen to: Gak Sato


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