Tyler Brule talks to Tom Dixon

I found this interesting filmed interview with Tom Dixon by Tyler Brule for his magazine Monocle. Tom Dixon talks about sustainability in a way that goes hand in hand with some of the thoughts that was brought forward in the conversation between myself and Satyendra Pakhalé the other day. Among other things Artek (where Tom Dixon is creative director) actually buys and swaps back old Alvar Aalto furniture and Tom Dixon even says that it could end up with the best sustainable solution there are – no production at all…

Anyway, even if that probably is not going to happen I like to see the discussion of re-use is on the agenda at least among some of the producers in the design industry. I like that Tom Dixon mentioned to Tyler Brule that Artek doesn’t see sustainability as a seasonal fashion thing. Their work with bamboo, one of the most fast growing plants on the planet, as an industrial raw material is indeed interesting to follow in the future.

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