slussen in stockholm by bjarke ingels

Danish wonder architect Bjarke Ingels and his office BIG has been working on the new Slussen in central Stockholm. A place which connects the northern and southern parts of the town. Stockholm town has been talking many years now how to best replace the current Slussen which actually is slowly falling apart. Cars, bikes, pedestrians, metro, shops, urban plaza, boats, buses and shops have to share the space.

Bjarke Ingels and his team has tried to keep Slussen as a centerpoint of traffic, and at the same time turn the site into an urban leisure zone. By moving the public program towards the most attractive place, and integrating the heavy traffic under the cover of public square, it is possible to regain the waterfront, and at the same time connect the city parts around slussen. The edge towards the water is terraced to provide day light to the public and commercial spaces behind.

Slussen in Stockholm

Bjarke Ingels proposal for Slussen



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