I found this headline at Gapingvoid:

“Buying space in someone else’s brain is far harder than buying space in someone else’s media”.

It is very true. A brand is a perception in the minds of the consumers. But still businessmen and marketers put most of their investment in advertising. It is puzzling why they take this indirect way. Gapingvoid points at Nike’s partnership with Apple for the Nike+iPod, which has virtually transformed running and demonstrated how a brand can market itself by offering something useful to a community rather than just communicating its assets.

Rik is adding the following to the discussion:

“And it shows once more that marketing should be built into your product from the start, rather than slapped on afterwards in the from of advertising. The same can be said for design. And branding. These things should not be an afterthought, but built into your product right from its birth.”


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