ipcc and all the SUVs

The other day IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) delivered their third report on the climate changes. This this time it was focusing on which possibilities we have to stop the negative progress. It is clear that we have to act fast. We have to reduce the emission with up to 85% until year 2050. (As usual) it is the US that pollutes most, and is responsible for almost 25% of all emissions. IPCC are seing a big danger around the corner is the countries in the middle of industrialisation like China and India, but so far they have been part of the protocol. The price tag to save the world is set to 0,12 % of the annual worldwide turnover. According to me a reasonable amount of money for saving the planet to future generations…

IPCC says that we have to co-operate all over the world to make the change possible. If we concentrate in the small scale we have to build more economic houses in the terms of heating. We have to slow down consumption or at least buy the right kind of products. We have to eat less meat. 18% of all emissions is created by the meat industry (the recent commercial by Burger King ending with the phrase – “man, that’s a lot of meat” is just so irresponsible and outdated). We could maybe travel a little less by airplane. And most important, drive some less car, and preferably with environment-friendly fuel like ethanol.

What’s really crazy is that when we are in the middle of major crackdown of the world the sales of gasoline thirsty SUVs is still huge. In Sweden all the new BMW X5 are already booked long before they arrive. Unfortunately I think it will take quite a long time before we in the western world will accept a small decline (or actually just a change) in the standard of living we are used to. But I see the light! In my latest issue of David report bulletin called Future Luxury I’m reporting about a new standard where consumption of products in some sense will change to consumption of experience. We will search for locally produced organic food because it is more healthy and has less influence on the environment.

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