Yesterday I visited the German Trend Day in Second Life. The agency Trendbüro invited 40 persons (that for one reason or another did not have the possibility to visit the real conference in Hamburg) to the Corecon Convention Center. It was a nice experience to take part of the conference through my laptop. Norbet Bolz was first out talking about Karma Capitalism as a new and caring capitalism which I very much is putting my vote on as well. He mentioned that it doesn’t has nothing to do with Asian ancient wisdom, it is more about creating a karma in everyday life, by ethical shopping among other things.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus were talking about the banking system in his little small village in Bangladesh. How he reversed the system and gave money to women instead of men, to the poor instead of the already rich. He then mentioned that 2/3 of the people on earth are not qualified to have business with a regular bank. It was also interesting to listen to his description of social businesses compared to business with a focus to make money. According to Muhammad Yunus the two will never meet. You invest in social business to achieve ethical goals. Though, you will get your initial money back in the end, if you make profits it will go back to the business. He was also asking for a new social stock market were you do good, where you can change the world. If you are just into money, go to the ordinary stock market. Muhammad Yunus sees every social problem as a business opportunity. I like his vision – we CAN create poverty free world. In all it was a very interesting talk.


The founder of Trendbüro Peter Wippermann encapsulated Karma-capitalism with the three words: transparency, attitude and sustainability. It was also possible for us Second Life visitors to chat with Peter after his talk.

Unfortunately I missed the afternoon because of some IRL meetings. Among the speakers prof. Björn Bloching talked about responsible entrepreneurship and later on Josephine Green from Philips design described how to democratize the future.

Anyway – it was nice to hang out in the auditorium, lounge a little, listen to music and chat with interesting people. Second Life is definitely a great opportunity for conference producers. The German Trend Day was a great example.

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